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Introducing mightymacros Dat add-in

Can you trust your accounting system to recognise all potential duplicate invoices?

Do you trust external auditors to identify duplicate invoices and payments when you have nothing to compare with their results?

ERP and Accounting systems may assist in the prevention of some duplicate payments. However, there are limitations, and systems cannot always predict how humans will interpret and processes data, making duplications difficult to detect.

Information that is presented on an invoice can at times, be unclear and difficult to read, resulting in duplications caused by:

  • Alpha and numeric substitutions of I, L, O, Z, B, S in the invoice reference.
  • Typos
  • Incorrect dates
  • Duplicate vendors and companies
  • Incorrect document types (PO & Non-PO)
  • Incorrect amounts and currencies            

To be safe one needs a tool, not only to validate the performance of systems, but one that has the means and capability to capture unwanted duplicate invoices.

mightymacros DAT add-in is both lightweight and affordable and provides the means to benchmark the performance of your system as well as benchmark the outcome of your external audits.

mightymacros Dat add-in uses SQL logic, no secret algorithm or mystery to it, put simply, it strips the reference field of special characters and interrogates invoice data with more than 50 SQLs and looks for subtle changes to the invoice reference and other variables, extracting them as matching items, keeping it all together, making it simple to analyse, record and track.

Dat Design

Dat add-in is designed to assist accounts payable and P2P staff, in the identification and prevention of unwanted duplicate payments. The tool installed within MS Excel, offers a non-intrusive option for scanning your invoice information for duplicate transactions, meaning no external contractor or third party gets to handle your sensitive information

mightymacros Dat add-in is designed for regular use, ideally to be used for validation prior to a weekly payment run.

The tool relies on a standard set of invoice information that you upload into an Excel spreadsheet from an ERP or accounting system. The information is then uploaded into an SQL database, where it is analysed by the program and returns a report back into an Excel workbook. The SQL database that Dat add-in uses is a localDB version of SQL Server Express having around 5 times the capacity of an MS Access database. Among other advantages the localDB version does not require any configuration or administration.by the user.

The Dat report output displays a list of potential duplicate invoice items that will require further investigation. The analysis process involves the user investigating the items before a confirmation can be made. For reporting purposes, the tool provides a standard list of comments in the form of a drop list that can be assigned once the status of the item being investigated has been confirmed. A history of the analysis is stored by uploading the comments made. Maintaining a comment history prevents rework, on items that are still open when the report is regenerated. Commenting also helps to identify the cause and frequency as well as to provide information on the performance of the tool.

mightymacros Dat add-in menu:


This program menu is also easy to use, with only four button clicks required to generate the report:

Click-1: Uploads invoice history, including open items, and only new items are added to this table.

Click-2: Uploads open items or bills to be paid.  

Click-3: Runs the analysis process using 'Prepare'

Click-4: To 'Create' the output report

Dat add-in shows how much is saved over time:


Dat add-in highlights suppliers where payment errors have been re-occurring.

mightymacros Dat add-in allows you, to drill into the detail on vendors with recurring duplications. The vendor stats function, extracts a report on the number of duplications by vendor. After viewing the extract you can enter a vendor under 'Show Detail' on the Stats menu to extract a detailed history of those duplications.

Refer to link below for more details on mightymacros Dat add-in: 

 Read more on: Duplicate payments and prevention


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