Duplicate Audit Tool

Install Options:

A. Download zip and Install the msi package in mightymacros Dat Add-in then manually download the required prerequisites as needed:

  • SQL Server LocalDb  
  • Dot Net if installed version is less than 4.5.1


B. Download and install Setup.exe which automatically downloads and installs the required prerequisites, see below for details:

Recommended install Option B:

Download Dat add-in package containing prerequisite setup for localDB, and .Net.

Unzip file and run the setup.exe file which loads SQL Sever localDB and Dat add-in

Note: you may need to unblock Windows Smart Screen to run the file. 

Download Setup.exe (Zip)


With option A - If Windows or your anti-virus has blocked the download:

1. Download msi zip file

2. Unzip the file 

3. Unblock the .msi file:

  • Right click the download file
  • Select Properties
  • Tick the unblock checkbox or click the unblock button







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