mightymacros Dat Add-in Requirements

Data types and character lengths accepted for upload into the SQL database:

  1. [CompanyCode] NVARCHAR (10)
  2. [VendorNo] NVARCHAR (50)
  3. [VendorName] NVARCHAR (50)
  4. [DocType] NVARCHAR (10)
  5. [DocNo] NVARCHAR (50)
  6. [Reference] NVARCHAR (50)
  7. [DocDate] DATE
  8. [PmtDate] DATE
  9. [Status] NVARCHAR (50)
  10. [Amount] MONEY
  11. [Curr] NVARCHAR (10)

NVARCHAR datatype accepts both letters and numbers within the field and stores them in unicode format

Optional columns can only be uploaded when using 'Upload Invoice Items',

Vendor number and vendor name uploads:

Note: Vendor uploads require the same adherence to order and naming on the header row.

Upload Vendor

Requirements for uploading data 

DAT works by analyzing and comparing invoice history against current bills to be paid. The invoice item table should contain at least 2 years of invoice history as well as current unpaid bills. The open item table should comprise soley of unpaid bills.

Upload invoice data

Header Naming

DAT matches column naming and header order prior to upload
Additional validation of upload data:

  • Checks for null values. All fields must contain a value
  • Identifies any additional columns which may be due to import errors separating the data.
  • Checks for non-dates in the date field
  • Text or date values in the amount column

Sample upload sheet

Sample invoice upload sheet
Note: This sample data is fictitious and is not intended to represent any known business or organisation

Note: The above sample data is fictitious and not intended to represent any known business or organisation

Important Considerations

keep data uploads to a minimum (recommend 100k rows at a time)for optimum performance and to prevent issues with Excel
Do not close Excel while the tool is in operation, wait for the operation to complete, the database connection will timeout if there is an issue. If the database times out on upload, some of the data may have uploaded. You can either try re-running the upload or upload in smaller lots. Excel may interpret an abrupt closure as a crash and unload the Add-in. This means the DAT tool may not automatically load next time you start Excel.

If Excel unloads or disables the add-in:

  • Re-load using Excel's File menu: Select Options, then add-ins. Go to and select from the Manage dropdown, Com Add-ins or Disabled items and re-enable the tool.
  • May require an update to windows registry. Better avoid this issue by not abruptly ending the program while it is running.
  • Contact:  support@mightymacros.net

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