Duplicate audit tool

Dat add-in version 1.0.6 released 4th of April 2018

Minimum requirements for both 32 or 64-bit systems:

Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2012

SQL Server Express LocalDB version 11.0

Dot Net 4.5

Dat add-in build 1.0.6688.24997 released 24th of April 2018

Minor update implemented to improve the programs memory usage.

Dat add-in build 1.0.6705.30901 released 11th of May 2018

Improved results for rules relating to different date and different vendor.

Dat add-in build 1.0.6706.23404 released 12th of May 2018

Fixed issue with setup file not showing uninstall in add and remove programs. If affected right click the original setup file or download a copy, then select uninstall.

Dat add-in build 1.0.6731.34631 released 6th of June 2018

Archive manager now displays the database size. Aim is to assist database management by maintaining a database size of under 10 GB. The help file is now included and can be opened by clicking the 'About' button on the Dat add-in menu.

Dat add-in build 1.0.6732.23564 released 7th of June 2018

Corrections made to Archive Form, and other dialogs.

 Dat add-in build 1.1.6824.22568 released 7th of Sep 2018

The option is now available to set custom row header names that match the headers on your upload sheets. The update should simplify the upload process.

 Dat add-in build released 17th of Sep 2018

Setup now configured to automatically check and load SQL Server LocalDB on install, using new Setup.exe file. In addition, a new free trial period is available with this download.

Dat add-in build released 4th of Dec 2018

Setup configuration changed with additional options implemented to improve the outcome for finding duplicate invoices.

Dat add-in build released 25th of March 2019

Changes made to improve the capture of duplicates within the different reference rule.

Dat add-in build released 27th of March 2019

More changes made to improve the capture of duplicates within the different reference and different date rule.

Download mightymacros Dat add-in Setup.exe (zip)


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