Excel Utilities - Lookup and Filter

Lookup, Find and Filter

Multi-Find: searches an open worksheet for multiple items, either by specifying a search column or by selecting a sheet range, entire column(s) or row(s). Where items are found the cell fill colour is changed to highlight the cells found. Colour options are available on the form. 

Multi-Lookup: searches designated open workbooks and sheets for matching items and returns all related values contained within a specified column that matches the lookup item in a comma-separated format.

Header-Lookup: is a cross-match type of lookup tool that returns a value where there is a match of row and column headings. The tool is ideal for merging data and for creating data uploads to database tables.

Multi-Filter: searches for multiple items in a list and displays the rows when found.  The tool includes a reverse filter option as well as a case sensitive filter.

Clear Filters: clears or adds filters to a table or list

Find and Replace: is a multiple find and replace tool

Compare Tables: finds differences between two tables of the same size

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