Duplicate audit tool

Most ERP systems will not prevent duplicate invoice entries when there is a difference in one or more of the key variables, such as vendor, reference or document date.  So unless a tool is available that can handle these variations, you have the potential risk of duplicate payments.

mightymacros Dat add-in looks for changes to one or more of the variables, and with the invoice reference, it looks for subtle changes to the reference and reports on the differences found, which in turn minimises the output report workload.


Dat add-in compares all invoices, both historical and pending against unpaid bills, to produce a split tab report output in MS Excel that is based on the following variable rules:


  1. Different reference
  2. Different document date
  3. Different vendor number
  4. Different amount:
  5. Different currency
  6. Different company
  7. Different document type
  8. Different document number


The sample output below, displays the type of information that Dat presents in it's report:


Note: the above sample data is fictitious and is not intended to represent any known business or organisation.

Dat report run on a regular basis can help in the prevention and identification of duplicate payments. With a trial period of up to 60 days, you can fully evaluate for yourself, the benefit of using mightymacros Dat add-in. Download the zip file below and run Setup.exe


Download Dat Add-in 

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