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This multi-lookup tool finds more than one result associated with the lookup item, where a vlookup function will return only a single result from the first match it finds. The new version performs two types of multi-lookups. A standard lookup that will return all values where the lookup key matches. The second lookup is much faster and will return all matches, but only to the first matching key and not to subsequent duplications of the same key. Although the add-in may appear to be simple and easy to use, just remember to select an empty column to return your lookup values so you don't overwrite any important data. If unsure of the macro action and how it works, then please save your work before running this macro.

 Header Lookup

The multi-header lookup is a tool that performs multiple lookups across a worksheet by matching table header values with values in a specified key column range. In other words it performs a crossmatch between the table headers and matching column range values, and returns the lookup values when it finds a crossmatch between the header value and the key column value on the return sheet. The return values can be retrieved from multiple sources and merged into the one sheet. This is a fast and powerful tool that can save you a lot of time and frustration when merging data from multiple sources, but be aware that the prevoius versions of the multi-header look-up will overwrite and update existing values on the return worksheet    


The multi-find add-in is a useful and powerful tool for finding text and values within Excel. The add-in can perform multiple searches at a time, and is a faster alternative than the single search option provided by Excel's Find Dialog. The multi-find also provides the necessary tools to refine your search to a selected range or column. If you use vlookups when searching for matches and comparing list items then this tool will save you a lot of time. The tool provides the option to highlight the items it finds. You can then use Excel's filter by colour to display and filter the coloured cells.


Protect Sheets

Manage your Excel security on multiple worksheets with Protect Sheets. Protect and unprotect workbooks and worksheets, manage your password, hide and unhide and make very hidden multiple worksheets with a simple click. Protecting a workbook file will in general, prevent others from viewing hidden sheets, similarly by making a worksheet very hidden the option to unhide from the sheet tab will appear inactive. The reverse functionality is also there. The add-in will disclose any hidden sheets within a workbook. The add-in is not designed as a fail-safe, although it can help with security, be aware that passwords can be broken, so please do not pass on any sensitive information hidden in a password protected workbook.

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(Text tools, date tools, round numbers, multi-find and multi-filter, along with duplicate/repeat finders have all been updated with a new range class to simplify use. Hyperlink remover has been updated and now maintains the background colour on removal. Also included are a few minor bug fixes) 


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